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Activities Notes :
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Jul 15, 2010

Last Day FMCC Penang - 16.07.2010

Today is last day for FMCC at Penang Contact Center 16.07.2010.

Open day : 14 April 2006.
End : 16 July 2010.
.4 Years 4 month 2 Day.

Today is the last batch agents inbound for FMCC, next week all gone for training - converted to unit SSCC Billing dept.

Jun 10, 2010

No More BackEnd, FMCC at Penang

There will be no more BackEnd Either at SSCC or FMCC and coming up as plan, FMCC will also gone Converted to Billing Department.


Comin Up up is BackEnd Gethering as to Celebrate, Remembering The BackEnd Legacy as Pioneer and their Dedications of Resolving Million of TM Customers Problems. We will celebrates its every year ... hopes ...

We are also like to Open this Gethering to all of you Friends to also getting involve.

Update soon .....

Updated Friends Blogs n News

Dear All,

I have updated friends Blogs n News (right side)..


Going back active bloging .. Streamyx is up again after months of unsolved issues by TM technical ...